About Me

I have a sunny, open personality and can communicate and interact easily with people of all ages and beliefs.
To be a celebrant and to write and conduct ceremonies, I believe one has to have had incredible
life experiences and “feel” the emotions that we all experience in everyday life.
I have the gift to “get into my clients skin” and with my journalistic background put into words how my clients are feeling. 
I feel very privileged to be given this gift and would love to get to know you and offer you my services.


Business Profile:

  1. Corporate Secretary

  2. Retail Business Owner

  3. Past Elected Member Waitakere City Council

  4. IT Administration

  5. Justice of the Peace

  6. Marriage Celebrant - AUT Certificate of Celebrant Studies 2000

  7. Graduate - NZ Institute of Business Studies - Journalism.


Being a Celebrant

To be a Marriage Celebrant, I believe you have to have fallen in love and experienced the joy and happiness of being with the person who is your true partner in life. I am very familiar with that feeling. Suddenly everything makes sense. The songs, the poetry, the love stories. I understand exactly how my couples are feeling. It is a true awakening of the human spirit.

It always amazes me how, of all the people we meet in the world that one person will cross our path and life is never the same again. Sometimes we have to wait a long time, sometimes it takes us by surprise but one thing is for certain…. once we meet, deep down we know that this is the person we are destined to be with for the rest of our lives.

I like to put into words and tailor individual ceremonies that express each couple's story. Believe me every story is different and every story is wonderful. I listen carefully to instructions and interpret the wishes of my clients. 

Your wedding is a wonderful joyous occasion and I'm committed to making your day stress free and fun.

I'm an outgoing, friendly, happy person who loves people and feel I'm in a very privileged position, to facilitate the most joyous day of a person's life. I'm very easy to talk with and have some wonderful ideas and suggestions to make each ceremony unique. I'm told I'm creatively gifted, and have the happy knack of finding the right words to write a simple, dignified and touching ceremony.